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Automatic Entrances

We supply  the broadest line of sliding doors in the industry. Every door package is custom manufactured to your specifications. Our broad offering gives you and your design partners “choices” so that your entrances meet your exacting requirements for size, color, and finish as well as function, grade of construction, safety and security.

Island Glass  also offers a complete line of swing door operators and door systems to fit your application. Whether you desire to automate an existing manual swing door or utilize a complete door system for new construction, we have the solution. All swing door operators provide customer convenience and enable an ADA compliant entrance when used with a properly sized door.

An entrance should be warm and inviting, offering convenient ingress and egress to your facility. Our swing door systems automate entrances in facilities throughout the world in a variety of settings. Typical installations include retail stores, shopping malls, schools, hotels office buildings, hospitals, airports and industrial facilities.