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Sealed Units & Spandrel Glazing


Our  ’Tru-Insul’ Glass Units are dual-sealed combinations of two or more lites of glass, separated by a hermetically sealed air or gas space.

The spacer contains desiccant, an absorbent material, which keeps the air or gas sealed inside the unit free from visible moisture.

Insulating glass units improve thermal performance of windows, significantly reducing the heating and cooling costs of a building.

‘Tru-Insul’ Insulating Glass Units meet or exceed the requirements of ASTM C-2190.

We also provide custom Tru-Span Ceramic Frit SpandrelCeramic frit paint is applied to annealed glass and is then fire-fused to the surface, during the heat treating process, at temperatures in excess of 1200° F.  This creates an extremely durable coating that resists scratching, peeling, chipping, and most organic attacks from adjacent materials.

The product is available in solid, metallic, and translucent colours.

All spandrel meet or exceed ASTM C1048.

We also offer Opaci-Coat spandrel. Opaci-Coat is a water based elastomer coating that is applied using a roller coater, onto pre-heat treated glass, providing opacification.   The availability of colour is virtually limitless, through  our manufacturer’s  ’Custom Colour Match Program’.   Opaci-Coat spandrel also satisfies fallout protection, which is required in some geographical regions of North America.

Opaci-Coat Spandrel meet or exceed CGSB/Can 2-12.9 requirements.