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Medicine Cabinets

Medicine Cabinets

Island Glass offers Century’s elegant hand-crafted medicine cabinets. While standard models are available in a number of sizes, we can customize your order to your specifications. You can even add an electric option that includes an anti-fog mirrored door and electrical outlets inside the cabinet.

Century Medicine Cabinets

High quality, aluminum construction cabinets with mirrors on the outside and inside of the door, and on the back of the cabinet box.

19” Wide, 30” High, 6” Deep, Satin Finish w/ Electric, Polished Nickel, 1 ¼
30” Wide, 36” High, 4” Deep, Two Door Beveled Edge, Satin Finish
19” Wide, 30” High, 4” Deep, Oil Rub Bronze, 1 3/4 Frame
1930-6-BL-B-O-O-O with 6” Mirror Side Kit
19” Wide, 30” High, 6” Deep Black Finish, Beveled Mirror, Universal Hinge
15” Wide, 40” High, 4” Deep Black Finish, Beveled Mirror, Universal Hinge
15” Wide, 24” High, 4” Deep Satin Finish, Flat Mirror, Universal Hinge
1530-4-WH-F-O-O-O with 4” Mirror Side Kit
15” Wide, 30” High, 4” Deep White Finish, Flat Mirror